- The Rebrand

We are happy to announce that "" is now "". This rebrand comes after 2+ years of FiveM scripting under our old name, and its finally time for a fresh start. Details about our new domain, a new discord, and more can be found below.

Our new official domain that we acquired is Any and all websites owned by us will now use this domain. Common links we shared before such as our script documentation (, status page (, etc, that were under the domain still share the same subdomain, it is only the root domain that has changed. Banner

Join our discord server!

The discord server is still the old server. A new discord has not been made, but it has been completely rebranded and restructured, so you may not recognize it at first. All customers who own a script made by us and sold through Tebex still have their Customer role in the discord. Please note that if you are a VenomAC customer, you will need to migrate over to the new v2 discord if you have not already. For more info, you can the new VenomAC website here.

Our vanity URL to join the server has also changed from vyast to n4, therefore you can join our new discord by clicking the full link below: